Fuck this

Thursday, August 27, 2009

i know

I know no one views my blog but always writing about stuff helps. Today i haven't eaten anything. I tend to get more hungry when i consume anything even water. I stay away from fruits and vegetable because once i eat i cant stop. I hate that about myself. It has been hard because i have watermelon on the refrigerator and that's my favorite type of fruit. I eat so much of it i get bloated and that's a sin. Hopefully i can stay like this pure and clean for the rest of the day. :P


  1. you just have to drink so much water you get SICK of it! it works for me, i drink so much that i feel like i'll vomit if i eat just one bite of anything. & not all fruits & veggies are bad, though some you have to watch out for. strawberries, apples, celery, etc. those are all negative calories.

    stay strong! <3

  2. The SAME thing happens to me. I can't just let myself eat only ONE grape or something because then I'll just...go mad and binge. haha. but we have to stay strong! I know you can do it.

    I need help/motivation right now too. I've had a VERY bad last couple of days.

    goodluck, and keep writing.

  3. keep it up :) i have only just started my blog today. looking for an ana friend?
    elle x

  4. It's just horrid how much easier it is to eat nothing all day than to try to restrict. Once I get going I just can't stop.

    How unfortunate.