Fuck this

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Epic Fail

I'm the girl on the right looking down at Monster Massive in LA. I was 109 at the time, shit-faced high. Since I couldn't upload my weight progess pictures since i gain weight. -_________-'

My Current State:
Yeah, i gain 3 pounds and I'm so fucken mad.
Stupid Thanksgiving. My thighs are humongous now but I'm starting to use the gym.
I stay there for an hour burn more than 500 calories when I go.
The fatter girls on the gym who have cellulite kind of motivate me to run that extra minute. I'll be one of them if I continue to eat junk food. Hey, but they deserve a tap in the shoulder. We are in the same struggle. What gets me mad is that I eat once i come back from the gym. Epic fail. Stupid Freshman 15! How much I fear you.

I'm just annoyed. I remember when it was easy to shed a pound now i see myself stumbling and eating in the meantime Lol. There this one asian girl on my floor that eats like a fucken rabbit and I just envy her slim body. She saves half of her meals for the next day what makes it worse is that she brags about it. I want to surprise her with my weight loss. Fucken asian and their noodles. I'm just kidding. I'm just mad.I'm planning to drink water this whole week and eat salads.

I better shed pounds. I read that it's better to see your weightloss not by weight but by body measurements so here they are.

Weight: 111.6
Body Measurements

Hips: 36in
thighs: 20in
Calfs: 11.5in