Fuck this

Monday, April 11, 2011

At some party

I am the girl on the left.

OMFG i havent been here in such a long time. I am currently in my second semester of college and i have gain some weight since the last post. Once again summer is around the corner and i havent even reach my fucken goal weight. Fuck myself. I blame my fucken school. The only shit they sell is pure junkfood. Nah, I can only blame myself. Im a fucken whale. Im a fucken whale. I don't know how the skinny girls in my school do it. Probably purge when no one is watching. I envy them. Anyways, I was reading my old post and i've notice a shift in my personality. Losing weight is no longer my first priority. It doesn't crosses my mind as it used to but recently i've been disgusted on how i looked again especially my thighs. I have fat hanging all over my body. My body is much thicker. I hate how jeans look on me. I hate how my arms have gotten bigger. How my cheecks look more fuller. How i am getting love handles. I hate the fact that i just ate a box of cookies, some chips, a snicker bar and i wasnt even hungry. I'm not obese but im sure fucken heading that way. Im a fucken chubby midget and i hate the fact that i stop caring. That i let myself go. Man, I let myself go.
I am the girl on the left in the picture.