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Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's been a while....

But I'm officially back. Transitioning from high school and college was very difficult and little has changed. I'm still that fat lard that i used to be in high school. I currently weigh 109 and i'm actually pretty happy about the weightloss. I'm in college now and i haven't fallen victim to the freshmen 15! Better yet, I have lost some weight just by doing nothing! Two weeks ago i was around 113. Well of course i hardly ate. I rarely get hungry like i used to and when i do go to the store to buy food I usually get a few healthy items instead of buying junk-food. Away from my parents it is in my freedom to eat or not and the best thing is that NO ONE IS WATCHING! except your roommate, but you could easily lie that you ate before you came. Also there's a gym in our campus like 3 minutes away which i plan to use regularly. I haven't really gone because I'm usually doing homework at the last minute. ugh! I'm going to post progress pictures once i hit my goal weight of 105 so expect that pretty soon. Any questions just ask. I know it's been a while and I really would enjoy some feedback. comments or anything because it does get boring up in here!
Byee. and like always stay strong. <33

And here is some disgusting reverse thinspo. It literally took away my appetite. This is what happens when you let greasy food control your lifestyle! I always wonder how they allow themselves to get this big!!NO SELF CONTROL!