Fuck this

Friday, September 18, 2009

i hate this.

Since school started i haven't been doing well. Instead of focusing on my goal i been much worried about my studies. I'm taking Ap English, Ap Calculus, Physics, Drama which i hate and i've gain some pounds. I hardly eat at school but when i come home I completly fail. Especially since my sister has gotten suspicious she sides with my dad when its comes to eating. Lately it has gotten in my nerves but i can't do much. I lied about being vegetarian so im not eating meat. Now they cook food without any meat and expect me to eat it. Uggh. I hate this. I was doing so well actually. I started noticing the space between my thighs and i want that back.
:((. I dont have a weight scale so i cant keep a watch on how im doing. Ive been meaning to buy one secretly but I cant risk that my sister watches my every move. Hopefully my day goes well today. :/. and as soon as i can i'll update my stats.... and anybody who wants to fast and wants a ana buddy im here. We can email and encourage each other.